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Birkie Trail Run

Birkie Trail Run & Trek - Eight Events to Choose From

The EIGHT Birkie Trail Run, Relay and Trek events on September 26th

Some of the best sections of the famous Birkie Trail and single-tract sections of the CAMBA trail system. This an event that is perfect for runners looking to break free from the roads, it is a great crossover and introduction to trail running. The Birkie Trail has a wide, grass covered, level surface, and the single-track is smooth and fast. The famous Birkie hills, make for a challenging race for even veteran trail runners. Hammer it or cover your favorite distance at a recreational pace. Either way, this event has a great, friendly vibe and a finish-line party with local food and beer on tap. If you love to run great trail, this is the perfect event for you.

The Marathon, Marathon Relay, and Half Marathon all include sections of Birkie Trail and CAMBA Singletrack!

NEW 100 km Ultra!
25.8 mile Marathon
25.8 mile 3 or 6 Person Marathon Relay
13.2 mile Half Marathon
10 mile Trek (Nordic Walk)
5 Km Run/Walk
1 Km for Kids – FREE!


 View Birkie Trail Run Highlights 2014 

2014 Birkie Trail Run from James Netz Photography LLC on Vimeo.

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